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If you are new to authentic Jamaican food & culture then may we suggest the best way to appreciate Jamaican food is to get a better understanding of Jamaica itself; and the many influences on its’ culture and cuisine.

Jamaica is a lush tropical place offering adventure amid one of the most tangled cultures on the Earth. The country vibrates with the rhythms of reggae; shimmers with bright painted colors and is enlivened by the enticing spices of its’ Pepper Pot and Jerk dishes.

To think of Jamaica is to picture an island paradise of steep, cloud-laden mountains and jewel-like blue lagoons; a land of holidays and relaxation… but there is much more to this island.
Jamaica stands out among the islands of the Caribbean for several reasons. First for its’ sheer size; being the third largest island in the Caribbean. With more than 4000 square miles, Jamaica is one of the few Caribbean islands with agriculture, thus adding depth and variety to its’ cuisine while liberating its people from subsisting on imported food stuffs.

The second reason for its’ uniqueness is the complex ethnic make up of its people, who were either brought or came there because of its vast tracts of tillable soil.

Today’s Jamaicans are the descendants of the Amerindians, the Europeans colonists, the African slaves, and those who came later – Germans, Irish, Indians, Chinese, Lebanese, Syrians and Arabs.
Jamaica’s cuisine is the product of this diverse cultural heritage and its’ food tells the story of its people.

The cuisine’s unique flavors include mixture of tangy citrus and burning hot pepper, the rich complexity of slowly stewed brown sauces, the spices on intense curries and the cool sweetness of its many tropical fruits.

Sooo… take a moment… browse our menu… and once you’ve found the savory dish you want, call in your order or stop by & dine in with us & discover true Jamaican hospitality.